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Overcome Your Gym Fears

According to the CDC 75% of Americans do NOT get enough regular exercise

Gyms can be very intimidating to anyone who has not been involved in an exercise routine and understandably so. Here are just a few reasons why you may be scared to walk into a gym and how you can over come your fear:

1. You have no clue what to do when you walk in

Before you ever go into any gym make sure to email or call them so you can set up a time some one can plan to meet with you one on one and explain how their facility works and will be waiting for you at the front door so you will not feel uncomfortable when you first walk in and look for help.

2. Fear that every person in the gym is going to judge you

Everyone loves a success story and it could be you! When you walk into a gym I promise 99% of people are on your team and rooting for you to succeed and are going to be a fan of yours, not judging and looking down on you.

3. If you get a trainer are they going to work me to near death

When hiring a trainer make sure you have a discussion with them about what your goals are but also make sure you interview them as well. Tell them that you want to ease in to the process and that you do not want to be so sore you can not move the next day. Ask lots of questions so that you can make sure that person is going to be the right fit for you. When hiring a trainer you are creating a very personal relationship and the fit should be good for both parties.

4.Feeling embarrassment to tell a stranger all of your health and weight loss issues

All trainers are in this business because they love to help and asking for help with your health is no different than hiring for help with finances or trying to learn a new skill. Everyone does better with a coach no matter what it is.

5. Getting started is going to make me really sore and be really hard

The hardest part of getting started is walking through the front door. The exercise part if you hire the right coach can be fun and enjoyable. Unfortunately I won't make the promise that it will be easy, but most likely not as bad as you have in your head!

If you have other fears of joining the gym hopefully you are able to over come them and turn your life around. Nobody feels bad about having a regular exercise routine and we don't want you missing out due to a fear of the gym. There are so many types of gyms out there you should hopefully be able to find one that fits your needs and personality!

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