It's been a busy summer at Pulse as we developed our new client app! Nobody really likes change, so we appreciate you going through the process of getting the Glofox app and then quickly switching to our new Pulse app.

The new app is important to use so we can track who is supposed to be coming in and if we need to change something we know exactly who to contact. For example: if want to go to the park we can make sure we message everyone planning to come. Or, if we plan to do a partner workout we will know if we have an odd number. It also allows us to keep an accurate attendance record to make sure you are making all of your workouts! It is another way for us to deliver messages using push notifications.

You are earning REWARD points! Here are some ways to do that:

-Referring a new customer is the best!
-Booking and attending workouts and run group
-Completing the monthly challenges and booking monthly challenge in the classes section of the app every month
-Leave a review
-Attend Pulse events
-Purchase apparel in our store
-Set a goal with your trainer and achieve that goal
-your Birthday

You can redeem points for:

-free apparel
-free Month
-entry into monthly raffle for prizes
-gift card to Run Well
-more items to come!

If you need help with the app, let us know so you are using it to its full potential!

We also launched our new accountability program and are excited about the results and feedback so far! We want to help even more of our members work on the habits that will put them on a path to lifelong success. Are you feeling stalled in the progress you are making? Let us help you get to where you want to be!


With summer break and vacations wrapping up, many of our schedules will soon be making a shift. Are you ready? Don't wait to plan your routine, set yourself up for victory now by planning ahead! Your first step is to start thinking of the things you would like to do consistently. You will then use these items to build your "Perfect Week". We will be working together during your workouts to help you do this!

Upcoming Events:

August 20th - Knife Skills Workshop - Grilling

August 27th - Kirchenfest Straussenlauf 5K & 10K

September 10th - 9/11 Memorial Run

September 24th - Relevant Run 5K

October 2nd - MO' Cowbell Marathon

Mark Your Calendars:

October 15th - Pulse Sports Adventure Race 

December 2nd - Pulse Holiday Party 


Foods We Love Right Now:

Now is the time to take advantage of the many fresh veggies and fruits that are grown locally and sold in produce departments, farmers markets and roadside stands. Look for corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash, zucchini, peaches, plums, cherries, watermelons and strawberries.

Josh's Recipe Recommendations:

Josh chose these recipes because we are in the heart of grilling season, and these are all fruits and vegetables that awesome right now. Putting them on the grill just adds a little different spin and amazing flavor!