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Whether you are brand new to running or hit the pavement regularly, Pulse running group is for anyone who wants to run! Our run/walk group meets weekly at 7:30am on Saturday’s year round and during the Spring and Summer on most Wednesday evenings. Running in a group holds you accountable to your running goals, and most importantly you’ll be with a group of runners who motivate each other no matter what level you are at. Pulse coaches can help you set distance goals and develop a training plan that will work for you. Our members train for and attend a variety of events together. We look forward to running with you!

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Veterans Honor Run Results

Womens 5k


Bower, Allie                      

Greenwald, Tina              

Rexford, Theresa             

Williams, Julie                  

Wessel, Suzi                    

Kenner, Cristine               

Jones, Peyton                  

Jones, Melanie                

Klostermann, Kelly         

Manville, Maria                

Derry, Emily                     

Schlender, Pamela          

Seehausen, Stephanie    

Ray, Terri                  

Fessler, Meghan 

Troeckler, Tina  

Julia, Harris 

Harris, Erica 

Conway, Sandy 

Maxwell, Lilian 

etten, Tonya 

Huntebrinker, Cynthia

Byers, Robyn 

Reed, Marcia 

Demers, Caherine 

Heffren, Beth 


24:50 27:26 28:11 29:45 30:05 30:49 31:33 31:35 32:07 32:15 32:25 33:40 35:48 37:12 40:54 43:46 44:37 44:38 44:41 45:19 48:34 54:00 54:01 54:05 54:06 55:59

Mens 5k

Womens 10k

Mens 10k


Eberlin, Anthony Garcia, Jorge

Zulauf, Doug

Bettorf, Tayler Huntebrinker, Tyler 

Slusser, Chris

Derry, Brian

Kuhn, Bill

Eberlin, Dave Norwood, Kelly Sterling, Christopher Maxwell, Brad Heffren, Scott


23:19 23:49 24:36 25:50 26:28 26:45 27:06 28:05 28:40 31:32 31:36 45:25 55:52


Wszalek, Elizabeth Zobrist, Jessica

Fuqua, Casie

Lampe, Lindsey

Morgan, Amy

Keiser, Mindy


53:15 56:56 56:56 1:03:21 1:06:29 1:15:03


Horstmann, Shaun

Zabala, Vincent

Troeckler, Josh

 Frisbee, Eric

 Kettler, Mark

Burke, Bill

 Morgan, Mike


47:12 47:17 52:05 54:16 56:15 1:00:55 1:06:15

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Highland, IL 62249




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