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COVID-19 is the New Freshman 15

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Have you gained the COVID-19? Well you are not alone and there are few reasons why this has probably happened to you. We will discuss how and why this has happened to you and some ideas to reverse the gain.

When we initially got shut down due to covid it seemed like everyone had picked up exercising outside, but unfortunately that has come to an end and is now even worse than pre covid!

Here is what has happened and the fix:

  1. You don't even have to get dressed for work anymore. More people are working at home more than ever which means you never even have to walk to your car, from the parking lot into the building. So forced activity levels have dropped considerably and it is all on you now to get it done. The Fix: Good news now that you don't have to drive to work, you have that drive time to dedicate to your exercise!

  2. You don't have an eating schedule. When you went to the office you were forced to wake up, eat breakfast, fix lunch to take with you, plan dinner for when you get home. Now you have all your home options at your disposal, eat out of boredom when home, have the ability to eat out, there is no urgency to prepare. The fix: Treat your home job the same as when you went to the office. Plan to eat at specific times just as before. The good news is you hopefully have time being at home to make better meals for dinner if they are planned!

  3. COVID-19 has just caused a lot of stress in your life and has just thrown exercise and nutrition off completely. The fix: This is a tough one but, it is time to hit the reset button and understand how exercise and healthy eating is the best thing for your stress levels.

If you need help getting rid of your COVID 19lbs. Contact us and we can help you turn everything around and get you back to feeling better than pre-covid!

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