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What Food Prepping Really Means!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

The last time you thought about food prepping I bet an entire Sunday is now gone because you have to make a grocery list, go to the grocery store and shop and then come home and spend 4-6 hours cooking every meal that you want to eat for the entire week. Along with putting it in containers and then you are going to throw half of it away because it doesn't sound good after sitting in the fridge for a week! Sound familiar?

Well if that is what you thought about food prepping you are doing it all wrong! That is called cooking your food ahead of time which is good for a small portion of the population.

What food prepping actually means?

Prepping is another term for prepare, which does not necessarily mean cooking. Prepping means to have your food ready/prepared to cook on a given night. When Tuesday night comes you have all the ingredients ready, meat thawed out and veggies cut so you can actually make a fresh meal that tastes amazing in a short amount of time like 15 minutes.

Here is how to make it work in just a couple hours on prep day.

  1. Make your grocery list during the week so it is ready the day before shopping.

  2. Shop the day before you are going to do your prepping!

  3. Now PREP DAY- this means getting the food ready so you can make meals during the week in a short amount of time. If it works to cook 1 or 2 meals at a time that is ok but do not try and make food for an entire week it is to hard to sustain week after week! Have your meals planned out so you know what you need to cut and have thawed out.

  4. Give this process a try and continue to work on your process to make it work for you

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