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Jeff Weinacht

All of our trainers come from different backgrounds and all have an amazing story to tell and now want to take their personal experiences and use it to help others!  Read below to find out why Jeff started Pulse Personal Training!

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Jeff's Story

My name is Jeff Weinacht, founder and owner of Pulse Personal Training! My reason for opening Pulse was simple:

"I wanted to help more people succeed!"

After graduating college, I was on a hunt for a job and took one at a small local gym where they told me that they needed someone to run the front desk and to train some clients. Excited about this opportunity, I focused on getting my personal training certification as quickly as I could. Unfortunately, it was less of an opportunity to train clients than I had hoped. Even though opportunities were limited I was able to gain some experience. Once I saw results happening for others, the feeling I had was priceless and it was one that I wanted to repeat. I moved on to a bigger gym where I could train more clients and help them get the results they were looking for. Bigger is better, right? Wrong! I did have more clients, but the atmosphere was sales driven on packages, sessions, and renewals. The focus was never on the client experience or getting results. This place was not going to work for me.

I decided that if I was truly going to help people, I needed to go out on my own. It first started out as me training clients in their own homes. As time went on those people were asking if a friend or family member could join them, and I discovered that my clients really enjoyed training in small groups. Misery loves company but I prefer to look at it as strength in numbers! It was still personal training but better. Pulse Personal Training was born!

When I started the gym, I was young and single, working out was just something I had always done and enjoyed. Now that I am married and am a father my reasons for focusing on a healthy lifestyle have changed drastically. I want to be a dad who is up for any challenge, whether playing sports, biking, hiking, competing in races, whatever my wife or two boys dream up I want to be there for it!

Owning and running a gym is about so much more than just providing a workout. I am passionate about helping people understand their WHY and find out what they are truly passionate about. Mindset plays a huge role in success in anything, and I want to help as many people as I can unlock themselves from feeling stuck in unhealthy habits and instead become the best version of themselves!

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