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Tina Greenwald

All of our trainers come from different backgrounds and all have an amazing story to tell and now want to take their personal experiences and use it to help others!  Read below to find out how this mother of 4 stopped putting herself last and has become the best version of herself!

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Tina's Story

I am Tina, one of the coaches and the gym manager at Pulse. After going through my own fitness journey filled with highs and lows, I have found my passion in helping people achieve balance in a healthy lifestyle.

"I Am A Mother of Four Who Always Put Myself Last!"

In 2010 after trying and failing so many times with every diet and exercise program imaginable I found Pulse. I really enjoyed my workouts and did lose a little weight, but I had always struggled with following through with good nutritional habits. Being a busy mother of four children, I often took comfort in food to deal with stress. I fell into the trap of putting myself last. When I did have free time, taking care of myself meant going to a fast-food drive thru alone. Even though I loved my workouts, I could not out exercise my poor diet and found myself 50 pounds heavier. I was embarrassed, here I was exercising with a trainer and gaining weight. My mindset was in such an unhealthy place, I knew that nutrition was the piece I was missing.

With the help and guidance of a coach, I slowly shifted my habits and focused on nutrition. Over the course of 3 years, I was able to lose 75 pounds! As the weight came off, mentally things started to change. Losing weight was my only goal to start but I gained so much more in my journey than that. Instead of running for the calorie burn, it turned into a passion that had nothing to do with weight loss. Combining exercise and nutrition really helped me cope with anxiety and depression. I found that patience, consistency, and balance were the keys to my success. Today, I can say that I feel better than I did 10 years ago!

When Jeff asked me to join the team at Pulse, I absolutely loved that I would have the opportunity to help others on their own journeys. Weight loss and fitness goals take time, but with dedication and perseverance it is possible. Getting started can be a difficult step for many people but at Pulse we hope to make that step less challenging.

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