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Josh Leckrone

All of our trainers come from different backgrounds and all have an amazing story to tell and now want to take their personal experiences and use it to help others!  Read below to find out more about Josh's story and all the ups and downs he has went through in his health and fitness journey!

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Josh's Story

I am Josh, one of the coaches at Pulse. Personally, I’ve struggled with the ups and downs of weight loss since college and want to help people simply their approach to reaching their health and wellness goals.

"I have struggled with the ups and downs with weight loss all of my adult life!"

At my daughter’s first birthday, I got down on the floor to help her open presents and struggled to get back up. I was at my heaviest weight ever and knew something had to be done. Not knowing exactly what to do, I started walking on the treadmill daily and put myself on a diet, at the time I had no idea it was a starvation diet because my calories were so low, but I was desperate. I had been drinking 4-6 Cokes per day and decided those also had to go. Without much of a plan, these actions led to losing around 35 pounds but then the weight loss stalled. Thinking more is better, I increased my activity level and solely focused on calories in vs calories out. I had no concern on nutritional value or the quality of foods I was eating.

After an injury, I was unable to return to work for some time and decided to become certified as a trainer since I was enjoying more physical activity and had even taken up running. I had done several ½ marathons and found them to become less challenging, so I set a goal to run a full marathon before my 40th birthday. When I did not meet my goal time, I checked out mentally. My wife and I just had our 4th child, our older kids were busier with their own activities and my wife was working at and running her own business. My routine slipped away, and before I knew it several years had passed of just going through the motions. Then COVID came along and since I wasn’t doing anything regularly things really spiraled downward.

I found my focus when I started working out and running again on a consistent schedule. With my exercise routine back in place I then moved on to working with a coach on accountability and nutrition. Because I had tried so many times to do this on my own, I found that adding this piece in has really helped. Now, at age 46 I’m stronger and feeling better than I have in a very long time.

I know what it’s like to struggle with your weight. My success was found when I started being honest with myself about what I really wanted and how badly I wanted it! I’ve done this so many times and my plans were always flawed. Finally, I’ve found a way to simplify my plan and keep the focus on my overall health and doing the small things well. I’m no longer feeling like I need to overcomplicate the process!

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