Pulse Running

Why we run?! It goes far beyond just the heart healthy cardio workout.  While that is great we run for stress relief, to push our bodies and minds farther than we thought possible, and most importantly for the social aspect. At Pulse we like to work hard and play hard. We attend running events together and push each other along the way, but also enjoy spending time together after the run is over. If you are looking for a community of runners to motivate you then we are the group for you!

Upcoming Events

  • Sat, Mar 13
    E L Flanagan's Sports/Spirits
    Mar 13, 10:00 AM
    E L Flanagan's Sports/Spirits, 2635 Plaza Dr, Highland, IL 62249, USA
    Teams of 2 will walk/run 3-5 miles to find all of the clues and items located throughout the Northtown area.
  • Sat, Mar 20
    Pulse Personal Training
    Mar 20, 7:00 PM
    Pulse Personal Training, 815 Broadway, Highland, IL 62249, USA
    Our couch to 5k program is designed for true beginners. Whether you are looking for a walk to run finish or you have a goal to run the whole 5k distance for the first time, we’ll provide the training plan, motivation and so much more.