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Time to Hit the Reset on Your Routine

Now that kids are heading back to school and summer is coming to an end this is the perfect time to hit the reset button on your healthy eating and exercise routines!

The summer fun of vacations, kids being home, BBQs, and all the social gatherings the summer provides really holds people back from hitting their health and fitness goals. Now comes the craziness of school starting back up and running kids to all of the fall activities!

Craziness can be good for routine....

As odd as it sounds that a crazy schedule can be good for routine it is true. When our lives become more structured we are forced to plan ahead and schedule things out. For example teachers who are off for a few months tend not to have to get up at a specific time, can eat lunch or snack whenever they choose, can go out to eat, have drinks on a random Tuesday, now have to to clean all that up!

They will be forced to:

  1. Wake up at the same time everyday

  2. Make breakfast

  3. Schedule a workout time that fits and stick to it

  4. Plan and bring their lunch everyday

  5. Know ahead of time what is for dinner so it can be made readily when they get home

  6. No longer have mid week days and nights out for drinks

Hopefully you see how schedules will change now that school and fall activities are about to be in full swing. Take a look forward and see if this is a good opportunity for you to make healthy changes in your day to day routine and how will you implement those ideas.

If you need any help creating a new routine for yourself send us an email at and we can discuss how to help you get back to a healthy lifestyle!

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