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10 Year Weight Gain

A lot of people who are around 50lbs overweight didn't put that weight on overnight. For many it has been a 5 pound gain each year for 10 years and boom all of a sudden you are 50 pounds overweight!

The good news is if this is how you gained your weight the changes that need to be made won't have to be that extreme. If you take a very simple look at the situation you just need to stop a half pound weight gain per month.

The goal of this article is not tell you how to reverse the process, but rather help you understand that if this is your situation that you may not need to do a total over haul of your diet to stop the weight gain and start losing some of the weight. Here are 6 simple changes you can start to make to see if that will first stop the gaining and then start the losing process!

  1. Just get moving - Most of the time nutrition is the most important part when it comes to losing weight, but sometimes people just need to add some movement that will burn 300- 400 calories a day and that can make the difference from gaining a half pound/ month and losing half a pound/ month!

  2. Subtraction by addition - Adding 1 or 2 pieces of fruit into your daily routine. By adding fruit to your daily nutrition you are providing natural sugars that are good for you and this may take away sweet cravings for any added sugars you have. So just by adding fruit you may eliminate candy!

  3. Set 1 new ground rule - examples of this could be when you go out to eat you do not order appetizers or dessert, or set a limit of how much soda you will drink. Make one change at a time.

  4. Drink water - Find a way to add more water. A simple way to do so is only drinking water when you eat. Often time when you drink soda while eating it is out of thirst not enjoyment and all of a sudden you have drank a whole soda without even tasting it. So hopefully by adding more water you subtract sugary drinks.

  5. Practice patience - Gaining 50 pounds took 10 YEARS! So don't think you are going to lose it in 3 months. Think about the long game if you asked yourself right now if 1 or 2 years from now you lost 50 pounds how would you feel? I bet you would say that would feel amazing!

These are just a handful of tips to help you get started and put you on a path to making some positive changes. Stay consistent and you will see results. If it seems overwhelming, we would love to help you create a plan for success!

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